The real Lucano cuisine in Milan

Basilicata is a small area with a fine generous culinary tradition. Among the traditional dishes we recommend calzone alle erbe, stuffed with Swiss chard and sultanas, and crostini with aubergine, yellow peppers in olive oil. Do not miss the lucanica, a horseshoe shaped surprise with parsley and cumin, and the Pezzenta, also made with meat. If you prefer fish, you will be spoilt for choice: cod is the main fish on offer but not the only one. Come and discover the true Basilicata cuisine in Milan!


The restaurant offers typical Basilicata recipes, including the ciambotto, strascinati with crushed chilli, braciola alla lucana, cod with with crushed chilli, many local desserts and fine wines. If you want more information or to book a table, please call us!

For booking, please call us: +39 02 49527845 or 02 78622016

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