Osteria della Via Appia, regional food 
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A restaurant for Southern Italian 
cuisine in Milan

The Appia Street Osteria is a new reality in the Milanese food and wine scene. Both of its branches are located in the heart of Milan: one venue is near the Castello Sforzesco and the second one a few steps from Corso Sempione and the Arco della Pace. The restaurants offer a rich menu with the best dishes from regions that the famous Via Appia touches: Basilicata, Puglia, Campania and Lazio.

Our recipes

Our menu is varied and offers delicious dishes such as cabbage on a bed of beans, octopus with bean sauce, friarielli strascinati with sausage, strascinati, roasted unbrina on a bed of pumpkin with rosemary, cod with chickpea and crushed chilli, chocolate filo with ricotta and pears, tiramisù and homemade cheesecake. The venue is suitable for both a business lunch or a romantic dinner with a partner or friends.

Our venues

The restaurant in Via Ferrucci is a cosy and rustic place, like an old-fashioned osteria; our branch in Via Monti, on the other hand, focuses more on elegance and modernity with a beautiful terrace. In both locations we offer a a fixed menu and small events for up to 40 people are possible. 
The restaurant accepts all major debit and credit cards.

Cuisine from Puglia

Trulli di Alberobello
The Puglian cuisine is characterized by delicious dishes of from both sea and land. The region offers a wide range of quality ingredients: recipes, therefore, are aimed at exalting the flavours.

Cuisine from Basilicata

paesaggio rurale
Basilicata is a small area with a fine generous culinary tradition. Among the traditional dishes we recommend calzone alle erbe, stuffed with Swiss chard and sultanas. 

Cuisine from Campania

il Vesuvio sullo sfondo al tramonto in un giorno d'estate
Campania boasts a very ancient culinary tradition, which is also amongst the richest in the world. Crossing peoples and cultures due to its Mediterranean location, this region has been able to combine the influences and flavours of many cultures with the ingredients of its region.

Cuisine from Lazio

veduta di roma da Castel Sant'Angelo
Essentially poor, in the sense that it derives its origins from popular traditions, Lazio's cuisine presents typical dishes of that would be either homemade or found in trattorias. That’s why the real meaning of trattoria is "homemade" ...

To book your table please call us: 
Via F. Ferrucci: +39 02 49527845 
Via V. Monti:+39 02 78622016

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Osteria della Via Appia, Via F. Ferrucci, 1
Osteria della Via Appi -  Via V. Monti, 27
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