Caciocavallo and typical ingredients in Milan

Some of the typical ingredients used by the chefs at Osteria della Via Appia in Milan are peppers, cod and Caciocavallo. All three of these ingredients come from an authentic supply, handed down from generation to generation in the four regions represented in our kitchen.


Caciocavallo is a typical cheese from southern Italy. Famous for its "bag" shape, it is a seasoned cheese made with milk fat, rennet, lactic acid and salt.

Crushed pepper from Basilicata

Crushed pepper is a real symbol of Basilicata. It is said that during the adventure of Christopher Colombus, there were several sweet and spicy peppers on one of the caravans, often used for medical purposes, and subsequently introduced into the typical Basilicata cuisine.

The baccalà

The baccalà, a dish made up of two species of Nordic cod, has become part of the culture of southern Italy since it dates back to ancient times and is simple to transport because it is easily conserved. For this reason it is used a lot in coastal regions or where trade was particularly well developed.
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