The tradition of lazio cuisine in Milan

Essentially poor, in the sense that it derives its origins from popular traditions, Lazio's cuisine presents typical dishes of that would be either homemade or found in trattorias. That’s why the real meaning of trattoria is "homemade" ... For this reason Lazio's typical dishes include fresh cheeses, grilled mixed vegetables, and delicious bucatini all'amatriciana, traditional pasta cacio with pepper, gnocchi alla romana and the famous pajata (rigatoni in sauce of veal, oil , garlic, parsley, tomato and chilli). Spaghetti alla carbonara also comes from the region of the capital, as is the l’abbacchio alla cacciatora: you will find true Lazio cuisine at Via Appia in Milan.

Our recipes

Our restaurant offers excellent dishes from Rome and the Lazio region, including tonnarelli cacio e pepe, saltimbocca alla romana, Pecorino and Puntarelle, as well as famous first course from Lazio, renowned all over the world.

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