Cuisine from Puglia in Milan

The Puglian cuisine is characterized by delicious dishes of from both sea and land. The region offers a wide range of quality ingredients: recipes, therefore, are aimed at exalting the flavours. Many seasonal vegetables include cabbages, peppers, artichokes, aubergines and all legumes (beans, broad beans, lentils, etc.). The sea is also generous offering a wide choice of fish and seafood. Come and try our chef's suggestions: experience Puglia in Milan.

Our recipes

The restaurant offers the best of Puglia such as orecchiette, turnips in butter, as well as many other vegetable, meat, and fish dishes from this enchanting region. If you want more information or want to book a table, please call us now or drop us an email.

The real Lucano cuisine in Milan

Basilicata is a small area with a fine generous culinary tradition. Among the traditional dishes we recommend calzone alle erbe, stuffed with Swiss chard and sultanas, and crostini with aubergine, yellow peppers in olive oil. Do not miss the lucanica, a horseshoe shaped surprise with parsley and cumin, and the Pezzenta, also made with meat. If you prefer fish, you will be spoilt for choice: cod is the main fish on offer but not the only one. Come and discover the true Basilicata cuisine in Milan!


The restaurant offers typical Basilicata recipes, including the ciambotto, strascinati with crushed chilli, braciola alla lucana, cod with with crushed chilli, many local desserts and fine wines. If you want more information or to book a table, please call us!

The true flavors of Campania cuisine in Milan

Campania boasts a very ancient culinary tradition, which is also amongst the richest in the world. Crossing peoples and cultures due to its Mediterranean location, this region has been able to combine the influences and flavours of many cultures with the ingredients of its region There are plenty of suggestions available in our restaurant: from typical desserts, real pastry triumphs, hearty bruschette, first courses, and friggitelli not be missed. Take the personal advice our staff and come and try the real flavours of the Campania cuisine, in Milan.


The restaurant offer dishes from Campania such as friarielli with sausage, gnocchi with clams and mussels, the famous spaghetti alla puttanesca, bruschette, calzoni ripieni, the famous Babà and fiocchi di neve, or brioche stuffed with cream, ricotta and panna. You can try all these in both our Milan branches.

The tradition of Lazio cuisine in Milan

Essentially poor, in the sense that it derives its origins from popular traditions, Lazio's cuisine presents typical dishes of that would be either homemade or found in trattorias. That’s why the real meaning of trattoria is "homemade" ... For this reason Lazio's typical dishes include fresh cheeses, grilled mixed vegetables, and delicious bucatini all'amatriciana, traditional pasta cacio with pepper, gnocchi alla romana and the famous pajata (rigatoni in sauce of veal, oil , garlic, parsley, tomato and chilli). Spaghetti alla carbonara also comes from the region of the capital, as is the l’abbacchio alla cacciatora: you will find true Lazio cuisine at Via Appia in Milan.

Our recipes

Our restaurant offers excellent dishes from Rome and the Lazio region, including tonnarelli cacio e pepe, saltimbocca alla romana, Pecorino and Puntarelle, as well as famous first course from Lazio, renowned all over the world.

Desserts from Campania in Milan

The dessert menu at Osteria della Via Appia, Milan, has a selection of typical regional sweets homemade in our kitchen, such as delicious pastiera, cartellate or traditional Babà. Do come and try our desserts to finish off your meal in style and in the best Italian tradition.

Come and visit us in Via Francesco Ferrucci 1: Apulian cuisine awaits you!

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